Murrant family 727 with Rover V8


Murrant family 727 with Rover V8

Off road Safari racer. 3.9 liter Rover V8 with a 727, and 4 x 4.

Full race spec clearances and a Reverse pattern, full manual valve body.

"After having problems with our Torqueflite 727 gearbox we searched through the internet to find the best possible person to fix it.

We wanted to find someone who knew about special American racing gearboxes and when we came across Paul's website, he looked like the person we were looking for, the website was filled with information on American gearboxes just like ours. After we had spoken to Paul over the phone it confirmed that he was the person we were looking for.

 After buying a safari racer which we were unaware already had a gearbox problem, we were worried about what the outcome may be, we handed over the gearbox to Paul and he was extremely knowledgeable and informative about what the problems may be. Paul was very quick in getting the gearbox apart and giving us a diagnoses and after parts were ordered from America our gearbox was completely rebuilt and was returned to us looking brand new, along with a detailed report and a CD of pictures of the problems as well as information on the best ways to fit it and get it running again.

Paul exceeded all of our expectations and we are extremely happy with the way our problem was dealt with, the gearbox is now back in our racer and we finally got out to an event last week and it ran faultlessly! we cannot be happier with the outcome!

We will definitely be recommending Paul to people in the future."

Dave an Charlotte Murrant.